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  1. Account Setup – Create a new Vendor Central or Seller Central (FBA or Seller Fulfilled) account and associated Brand Store.

  2. Product Setup – Set up new ASINs - including bullet points, images, descriptions, and enhanced marketing content (A+ or EBC). Content is keyword rich to ensure high-searchability and high-conversion.

  3. Brand Store - Create an attractive, compelling, and educational brand store for campaign landing pages.



  1. Amazon Advertising Campaigns – Create and optimize sponsored product, product display, and sponsored brand campaigns to grow incremental sales.

  2. SEO - Improve organic search rank on Amazon with keyword research used to expand Amazon Advertising campaigns and enhance product detail page copy.

  3. Promotional Campaigns – Create, manage, and evaluate promotional and coupon campaigns.



  1. Product Roadmap Planning – Advise on when and how to launch or sunset products.

  2. Events – Determine when to participate in event marketing programs and prepare for peak shopping periods.

  3. Improve category rankings - Boost rankings against competitors with intent to acquire Best Seller, Amazon Choice and other Amazon tags.



  1. Inventory monitoring and management – Monitor inventory levels; advise and assist with replenishing, ordering, and negotiating with buyer for POs

  2. Monitor Amazon-specific metrics – Monitor and advise on lost sales opportunities including Lost Buy Box and Replenishable Out of Stock

  3. Day-to-day account management – Manage case log, product suspensions, customer reviews and questions, returns and exchanges, duplicates, etc.

client testimonials

“Hamilton Beach experienced unexpected turnover in some key internal positions on the Amazon account. Vendor Horizon was able to step in immediately and take over Amazon Advertising and Account Management without skipping a beat, even showing strong performance gains on the Amazon Advertising front. This allowed us to keep the business growing while looking for the right people to fill the open roles. Their Amazon experience paralleled with their professionalism is why we continue to find a way to keep working with them long after the initial scope of our first engagement.”

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Tracey Gibson,

Sr. Director Sales

Hamilton Beach Brands


“I have been working with Vendor Horizon for the past 2 years and have seen our business grow from $0 annually to over $3 million. They are expert in their understanding of the intricacies of Amazon. They have always made us feel as though any issue we had was a priority and did everything they could to help resolve it. I would recommend them to any company wishing to grow their business on Amazon, they are simply the best!”


Todd Gentry,

VP of Sales

Coleman Powersports


“Vendor Horizon have been great to work with. Not only have they been very proactive and flexible, but they hold themselves accountable with weekly reports, constantly making improvements, and they have thoroughly earned my trust along the way. I recommend Vendor Horizon for running your AMS or working with them in any other capacity.”

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BJ Haacke, eC

ommerce Sales Manager

Lifetime Products


“We feel lucky to have entered into a partnership with Vendor Horizon. They provide an impressive combination of retail knowledge, Amazon expertise, business instinct and acumen that has proven to be an invaluable asset to our company. Since partnering with Vendor Horizon, we have increased our top-line revenue and become a more profitable business in doing so. I call that a win/win arrangement!”


Andrew Snook,

eCommerce Sales Manger

BOSS Audio Systems

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Founded by former Amazon employees, we are a team of Amazon experts with experience in marketing, buying, supply chain, and product management. Our unique expertise and personnel gives us knowledge of Retail and 3P business models inside and out and helps us determine the best strategy for your brand.

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